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Family Studies & Human Development

College of Education

Family Studies & Human Development

About Our Program

The Family Studies and Human Development program provides a variety of courses that motivate critical thinking and competency in the development of life skills, encourage improvement in the quality of individual and family life, as well as prepare students for employment in related occupations.

Students interested in family studies and human development curriculum are advised to consult with a department faculty member to plan an efficient sequence of courses.

Emphasis options to companion the associate degree include: Child Development, Interior Design and Textiles, or Nutrition, Foods and Wellness.

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Early Childhood Education

The Family Studies and Human Development Department at Dixie State College offers 3 degree opportunities in Early Childhood Education: the Associate of Applied Science in ECE, and the Associate of Science OR Arts in ECE. Students may use the degree for entry level employment as teachers in Head Start Programs or other early childhood settings.

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Dixie State University Preschool strives to provide and maintain a high quality and developmentally appropriate education program for young children in the community. The preschool is a laboratory school which:

Helps college students develop the skills and knowledge needed for the next phase of their lives.
Supports career and vocational development of students.

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Registration for the Fall semester begins the first Tuesday in May and will continue until classes are full. Registration is online, beginning at 8:00 a.m.


Nutrition and Food Science

The Nutrition and Food Science classes are based on the concept of developing wellness through appropriate nutrition, food and lifestyle choices and provides preparation for transfer to a university program. Possible professional outcomes include registered dietitian, county extension agent and a variety of health occupation opportunities including consultant in various health institutions and organizations as well as other community, national and international health applications.

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