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In service of the Mission Statement, the Dixie State University Preschool Laboratory will provide a developmentally appropriate experience for the preschool children, with a biopsychosocial emphasis that leads to:

  • Physical development that promotes healthy play and preparation for success in chosen physical activities.
  • Cognitive development that prepares the preschooler for the kinds of tasks to be encountered in kindergarten and in primary grades.
  • Social-emotional development that focuses on teaching self-regulation, social skills, problem-solving, and age appropriate behavior.


Dixie State University Preschool strives to provide and maintain a high quality and developmentally appropriate education program for young children in the community. The preschool is a laboratory school which:

  • Helps college students develop the skills and knowledge needed for the next phase of their lives.
  • Supports career and vocational development of students.


The Dixie State University Preschool Laboratory, in keeping with research findings espoused by the National Association for Educators of Young Children (NAEYC) provides an environment rich in:

  • Literature and literacy opportunities.
  • Hands on experience of manipulatives that promote deep mathematical understanding of number and properties.
  • An environment of self-direction supplementation by teacher designed lessons.
  • An optimal, emotionally supportive environment to promote the essential social-emotional development required for success in school.
  • Adults with training in NAEYC acceptance guidance strategies that are sensitive to needs of individual children.