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Fall 2011

Fall 2011

Family Studies & Human Development Classes

FSHD 1370-01 Introduction to Interior Design Debbie Mosher
FSHD 1500-01 Human Development Lifespan Kevin Dunkley
FSHD 1500-06 Human Development Lifespan Cari Buckner, M. Ed.
FSHD 2400-01 Family Relationships Suzanne West, M.Ed.
FSHD 2400-04 Family Relationships Gwen Hurd
FSHD 2400-50 Family Relationships Lynette McLeod
FSHD 2440-50 Strengthening Relationships Tim Eicher, M.Ed.
FSHD 2500-01 Child Development Birth to Eight Tim Eicher, M.Ed.
FSHD 2610-50 Child Guidance Based on Developmental Theory Tim Eicher, M.Ed.
FSHD 2620-50 Planning Creative Experiences for Young Children Susan Harrah
FSHD 2700-50 EIS: Foundations and Procedural Safeguards Anita Gardner
FSHD 2703-50 EIS: Health and Safety for Special Needs Children Anita Gardner
FSHD 2704-50 EIS: Motor Sensory and Integration Anita Gardner

Nutrition and Food Science Classes

NFS 1000-50 Breadmaking Sherilyn Benson
NFS 1020-01 Scientific Foundation of Nutrition Linda M. Wright, M.Ed.
NFS 1020-02 Scientific Foundation of Nutrition Beverly Knox, R.D.
NFS 1020-03 Scientific Foundation of Nutrition Demaree L. Johnson
NFS 1020-08 Scientific Foundation of Nutrition Demaree L. Johnson
NFS 1020-41 Scientific Foundation of Nutrition David W. Hall, R.D.
NFS 1020-52 Scientific Foundation of Nutrition Jaylene Mortensen R.D.
NFS 1030-50 Lifespan Fitness and Nutrition Jennie J. McBride
NFS 1100-01 Basic Food Prep Techniques Debbie Mosher
NFS 1240-01 Culinary Arts Debbie Mosher