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Spring 2015

Family & Computer Science Classes

FCS  1240-01  Fashion Sewing  Tammy Seegmiller
FCS  1370-01  Introduction to Interior Design  Shelli Barnum
FCS  1500-01  Human Development Lifespan  David Jones
FCS 1500-02  Human Development Lifespan  Cari Buckner
FCS  1500-04  Human Development Lifespan  Dr. Sharon Parkinson
FCS  1500-40  Human Development Lifespan  Dr. Russell Isabella
FCS  1500-41  Human Development Lifespan  Craig Allen
FCS  2400-01  Family Relationships  Todd Graves
FCS  2400-02  Family Relationships  David Jones
FCS 2400-50  Family Relationships  Lynette Bogucki
FCS  2500-01  Child Development Birth to Eight  Linda Wright
FCS  2610-50  Child Guidance Based on Developmental Theory  Teresa Provost
FCS  2630-01  Literacy and Literature for Early Childhood  Cari Buckner
FCS  2640-01  Partnering with Parents  Cari Buckner
FCS  2713-50  EI: Development of Special Needs Children & Families in Early Intervention  Kristen Evans
FCS  2714-50B   EI: Cognitive Development & Special Needs Children  Kristen Evans

Nutrition Food and Science Classes

NFS  1000-50  Breadmaking  Sherilyn Benson
NFS  1020-01  Scientific Foundation of Nutrition  Lorin Lillywhite
NFS  1020-03  Scientific Foundation of Nutrition  Jill Bryan
NFS 1020-04  Scientific Foundation of Nutrition Damaree Johnson
NFS 1020-40  Scientific Foundation of Nutrition  Linda Wright
NFS 1020-41  Scientific Foundation of Nutrition  David Hall
NFS 1020-42  Scientific Foundation of Nutrition  Jill Bryan
NFS  1020-50  Scientific Foundation of Nutrition  Sara Fausett
NFS 1030-01  Lifespan Fitness & Nutrition  Jill Bryan
NFS  1100-01  Food Prep Skills and Techniques  Debbie Mosher
NFS  1240-01  Culinary Arts  Debbie Mosher
NFS  2120  Infant & Child Nutrition  Linda Wright